mardi 11 septembre 2012

A UN ÊTRE QUE J'AIME TANT (en anglais)

To One I Love So Well

The sea is as deep, there is as much water in the sea, in a calm, as in a storm’
John Donne

Smile, my delicious angel,
Your day is suspended between the gold of the dawn
And the river of love flowing from my hands.

So white and delicate, so sparkling and clear
Is your skin like the virgin snow of the Caucasus
Torn by the fervour of spring streams.

Night words are like butter,
As soon as the sun rises, they melt’ you say
In your smiling sea-blue voice,
Sweet as the air full of terebinth.

I know your body,
Traversed by galaxies of stars,
So different from mine.

I know your soul’s frontier is infinity.

Ah, my angel scented with sweet briar
And Nubian saffron,
Lean over my face,
Heal my soul with your glittering look,
You who have the Lord in your eyes,
You, my only homeland, my roots.

Ah, my angel of white water lilies,
Erase from the scarred tablets of my heart
All the wounded words save one: Love.

Do it, my angel,
So that I may become in one fell swoop
And indulgence!

Translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy
September 2012

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