mardi 22 mai 2012



 For Besnik Avdiaj

My Little Illyrian Prince,

Your words fall onto the fresh flowers

And the glistening petals of my ancient soul

With such an extreme elegance!

First sources of the splendour of our lives,

Final laws of our eternal friendship,

High plateaux of an ontology that is

Secret, itinerant, intrepid

And magical!

Your words!

They are the intangible inner joy

That emanates from simple, quiet things,

They are

This infinitely distilled happiness

As spontaneous

As a lightly beating heart of azure blue!

Your words!

O sweet virgin lips of Beauty,

How well you know the flowery winding paths

Which lead to the very essence of the essence!

O kοινωνία,

Sublime communion between

Ideas and the Good.

Your words!

O my Little Illyrian Prince,

How everything is transparent in love!

Athanase  Vantchev de Thracy

Haskovo, May 20, 2012

I dedicate this poem to the very young and very talented Kosovan poet, Besnik Avdiaj (age 15)


Illyrian : belonging to the Illyrians,  proto-historic inhabitants of the Balkans whose language is classified via the Albanian language as an Indo-European language.

Ontology : a branch of philosophy concerning the study of being, its modalities and its properties. In philosophy, ontology (from Greek ὤν, ὄντος / ôn, ontos "being", present participle of the verb εἰμί / eimi "to be") is the study of being as being (the definition proposed by Aristotle), that is to say the study of the general properties of all that exists.

Κοινωνία, / koinonia: Greek word. According to Plato, this word expresses the communion between Ideas and the Good.

Translated into English by Norton Hodges

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