lundi 9 avril 2012

Kτῆμα ἐς ἀεί (en anglais)

Kτῆμα ἐς ἀεί

(a fortune for ever, wealth that cannot die)

This tender voice singing outside,
Could it be the voice of the Spring light
Or that of some well-loved being
Who is no more than a path bordered by agapanthus
In the seaside garden of my heart?

Filled with wonder, pensive,
I lean my head against the whiteness
Of time, my companion.

I, who try to practise in silence
The art of immortality
On the cinnabar terrace where memories live!

O poetry
Kτῆμα ἐς ἀεί,
You, my fortune forever,
My wealth that cannot die!

Kτῆμα ἐς ἀεί,
Kτῆμα ἐς ἀεί!...

Translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy by Norton Hodges

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