vendredi 24 mai 2013

AU-DELA DE NOUS-MÊMES (en anglais)


Beyond Ourselves

For Nokolaï Doboš

‘This bay is always as blue like the beginning of love.’

Xuân Quỳnh

Night unfolds, stretches out with a sweet nobility
And the soul is but light and silence.

And it does the heart good to place one’s lips
On the lips of the beloved other
To pluck innocent questions from their heart.

Outside, all seems to float on the still air!

O luminous miracle of love!

How we love, more and more,
The folds of the body where tenderness dwells in secret!

The light fragrance of a delicate lavender
Makes the house immense and entrancing!

Discreet minutes, pure and vibrant
Which surround with their enchanting voice
The impalpable kingdom of a very ancient sorrow
And the close cohesion of life and death!

Now, peaceful after the tempest of caresses,
Let us breathe in, transparent and bewitched, the scent
Of dancing grasses in the garden
And the music of the tirelessly fresh leaves
Of the maples!

Traduit en anglais par Norton Hodges

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