mardi 13 mars 2012

Erithacus Rubecula (The Robin) - (en anglais)

Erithacus Rubecula (The Robin)

‘Speaks of an extraordinary simplicity...’

Ralph Dutli

The sparkling blue of the snow
Under the smoky tulle of the sky
And you, my little bird,
My providential companion
In orphaned solitude,
You who chisel out
The intimately granular facets of the air
With your voice of blue diamond
So as to speak
The entire brightness of creation.

The blood of your tiny throat
Is like a timeless rose
On the imponderable whiteness of the garden.

You, whose song
Inspires an invincible hope
In the sleeping stems
Which lie beneath winter’s
Soft harshness.

You, with your divine delicacy
In the midst of life’s

Translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy by Norton Hodges

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