jeudi 4 septembre 2008

If You Are Alone

Mon ami, le poète américain Vito Quattrocchi, a traduit mon poème "Si tu es seul" en anglais. Qu'il en soit remercié.

If You Are Alone

To Max de Carvalho

"Extinct, the lamp
Speak still about light"

Flor Campino
Perle de Verre

If you are alone, very alone,
Remain so a long time,
Remain so always!

My friend,
The best companion
That is given you,
Isn't this yourself?

If you are alone, very alone,
Close your eyes
And breathe the perfume
Of your soul!

If you are alone,
More and more alone,
Support your heart,
Against the heart
Of your solitude
And smile!

Athanase Vantchev de Thracy

Paris, this Thursday, September 4th,
Anno Domini MMVIII

I dedicate this poem to the great poet and friend
Max de Carvalho

Translated into English by the American poet Vito Quattrocchi

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