lundi 14 octobre 2013

L'esthétique de la liberté - Fatos Arapi (en anglais)

The Aesthetic of Liberty
For Fatos Arapi

‘There is no other dwelling place except here,
Watching dawn break, that is apart from death’
Piero Bigongiari

Your words blaze with virtuosity
In the calm air of Vlora,
That city set upon the open waters
Of the Adriatic Sea
With a face as loyal as a crystalline dawn!

And it is the coherent Beauty of this sea coast
That neither human renunciation nor happenstance
Have been able to make any less striking!

The bewitching music of your verse,
Is like a lamp lit in the great night
Of the heart’s intense solitude!

And your soul woven with brightness,
Is a kingdom promising great flowering,
Winning compassion and
Pharaonic generosity!

You are the Illyrian singer
Who has carved the happiness
Of faith out of horror
And adorned the name of your homeland
With the words absolute and infinite!

Your writings, all ardour,
Are continents of light
That stand against the inconstant  darkness of our times!...

And today you are singing
Through these, my loving precepts!

Friend of the waves,
Don’t let the tears of an innocent god
Fall upon our wounds!

Translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy

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