samedi 22 décembre 2012

SUBLIME (en anglais)


For Ryan Keith Wallace

‘Ye open the eastern windows
That look toward the sun...’

When tender love touches our souls,
We can suddenly read the declensions of those words
Where, like fresh flowers,
The lips of our loved one open!

And, dazzled, trembling with joy, we discover
The murmurs of their heart, huddled
Among a thousand fragile exclamation marks!

Their smile thus becomes our source of delirium,
The spring path leading,
Through life’s dark places,
To the light of our own enchanted soul.

Their caresses inhabit us for ever!
They grow again like gladioli
Each season when the irises bloom!

From their melodious glances
Tirelessly over time we braid
Songs overflowing with sweetness,
Forgetting the bitterness,
The tears and the heavy wounds
Inflicted on our own flesh!

And we hold even unto death
In our febrile hands,
The burning memory of these eternal moments
As if they were tiny birds throbbing with emotion
Which no way in the world
Would we want to see
Fly away!

Traduit en anglais par Norton Hodges

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