vendredi 10 juillet 2009

DEVOTION (texte en anglais)

Le grand poète anglais, Norton Hodges, a fait la traduction de mon poème "Dévotion". Je le remercie de tout mon coeur.


For my friend Lance Corporal Michel Martin

‘Oh who are these that kiss and pass?’
A.E. Housman

On the perfect petal
Of a white magnolia flower,
Like a drop of scarlet blood,
A ladybird.

A slight breeze, downy and scented,
Delicately rocks
This perfect petal
And this drop of scarlet blood!

O how sweet this time of devotion,
When time is absolute
When time is immortal!

Translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy by Norton Hodges - 10.07.09.

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