mardi 2 décembre 2008


Mon poème "Supplique" a été traduit en anglais par l'éminente poétesse américaine Dale Roche-Lebrec. Qu'elle en soit cordialement remerciée:


for Luke

‘My heart is wax,
melting in the depths of my soul’

Helder Moura Pereira

From you, my Lord,
I only ask for peaceful nights,
The fluid elegance of two hearts enlaced,
Silences, the colour of the blue gentian!

From you, my celestial Master,
I only request the deep violet of an embrace,
The shining face of spring,
Moments beautiful as the Isle of Rhodes
Which floats, brilliant and rose,
On the exquisite rocking of the Greek waters!

From you, forgiving Son,
I only desire the gift of
The eager breath of an innocent mouth,
The pure blood of a young god
With his slender and infinitely delectable body
Beating in my blood.

From you, my divine Friend,
I only wish for
the transparent abundance
of a poem!

Translated into English by Dale Roche-Lebrec

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