mardi 2 décembre 2008

The Wonderful Thing

Le grand poète anglais, Norton Hodges, a eu la bonté de traduire mon poème "Chose merveilleuse". Qu'il en soit remercié :

The Wonderful Thing

for Servane and Timothée

'May truth go with us, you and I!'



They were very young and the day was ablaze,
so the girl's delicate hand trembled
in the boy's burning hand
like the tender music of a Lydian flute.

They were walking, their eyes smoldering with happiness,
carried by the fiery spirit of the breeze,
among the daisies and the mint
of the radiant fields of the Midi!

The robins' jubilant chattering,
like sun through mist, crystal clear, sensual,
clothed their glances in sparks of sunlight.


Children! Only your eyes know
how to bear the weight of the world!
Your innocent bodies floatin warm houses of blue air!

Both words and silence quiver for you
with the possibility of a caress,
your smiles are as bright and pure
as waters flawless as a diamond!


O Venus, sparkling goddess of Love,
show them, O goddess with fingers like white roses,
the sweet mysteries of your name!

You, friend of the swallows and the flowers,
crown their spring-like heads
with the violets of your kisses,
change them, O mother of Love, into an immortal poem
so that, incorruptible, their diaphanous hearts may remain
within the endless radiance
of eternity uncreated!

translated from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy by Norton Hodges02.12.08.

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